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Je suis en France

29 Aug

My parents and brother and I have come to France to be with my aunt who is very ill.

And so, as it goes in my family, we cook.


Les girolles


Les rattes.


Braggy, Brag, Brag.

24 Aug

A band I really, really like (We Are Augustines) announced a “design our tour shirt” contest a couple of weeks ago.

So I did. As did others. But the band picked mine.

I’m happy.

I have no idea how many times I’ve tried to tell someone in a band how their music makes me feel; I always come off as a babbling goofball.

In this case, I got to express visually something that had been seeded in my imagination by their music. And it pleases me to no end that what I created resonated with them.