Well, This Isn’t Great

1 Aug

This has not been a successful gardening year for me. Spring came late, and I allowed the crappy weather to dampen my interest getting started; I didn’t get at the seedlings until May 2nd. For many of the things I planted, I was at least eight weeks behind.

To get the beds ready, I amended them with compost, as per my understanding of the whole square-foot gardening regime. In retrospect, I think I should have added more material across the board. I put together my “Mel’s Mix” last year (vermiculite, compost, peat moss), and it worked well, but I may not have had enough for this year. I’m going to have to do some research about what I should be doing at the end of the growing season to prep for next year.

Then came planting. Much of what I put in seemed to be doing okay at first, albeit slowly. Then came July, the Month of the Heat Dome. Things fell apart.

On July 14th, the peas looked like this:
Pea Peawee 65

Today, they look like this:

Last year, the western plot looked like this by July 9.
Western Plot 9 July 2010

This is where it was as of July 13 this year:
So Very Slow

This is the extent of the pattypan growth, as of today:

Now, some things are doing okay, I’m happy to say. The fagioline del Trasimeno are looking good and the tomatoes are coming along, though not in great numbers.

Fagioline del Trasimeno

Fantasio F1 Hybrid



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