Now What? What Now?

23 Oct

My poor garden has been left unattended for a long, long while. Things are a little out of control in the back yard, plus it’s been a really busy few months, and I’ve let the chaos drive me into a place of paralysis.

In other words, it’s a damnable mess out there.

I screwed up my courage to see what was going on and discovered that my turnip yield was pathetic; one of the thirty-two seeds planted had actually produced a turnip of any grandeur. The arugula had long bolted, which is just ridiculous; I love arugula and would have enjoyed a few more fresh salads. But the butter beans are growing up a storm! I picked a few today and will now sort out what I can do with them. The others I’ll leave on the plants for as long as possible.

The Lone Turnip Relaxes with Golden Butter Beans

The first frost day for Toronto was projected for October 6th, but that’s long behind us now and some things are still going strong. Well, really just the tomatoes are still going strong. They are insane. I’ve got flowers, I’ve got new fruiting, I’ve got ripening. It’s all quite delightful, and I feel secure in calling the Tomatoberry Garden cherry tomatoes my Crop of the Year. The vast majority of them are still green and I plan to leave them on the vine while watching the weather carefully. I’ll pickle whatever hasn’t ripened. Granted I’ve never pickled anything before, but it sounds like fun.


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