Mercury Falls. Carbohydrates Rise.

15 Nov

Despite the foolishness of increasing my processed flour intake as my caloric output drops, I’ve been finding that the dive into autumn has left me hungry. Very, very hungry.

I know I’ll get into a groove of eating fairly well again, but in the meantime I am happily feeding myself comfort foods.

To wit:

Like so many others, I have given myself over to Jim Lahey’s “No Knead” bread methodology, which was featured in the New York Times in 2006.

This loaf I made with rye flour from Cherryvale Organic Farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario. As you may notice, I cut into it too early. I tried to wait until it had cooled to room temperature, but my patience ran out at 34C.

This morning I awoke craving pancakes. Fine and dandy, I thought to myself, until I remembered that I’m out of baking soda. I subbed in 2.5x baking powder, yielding a pretty product with a too-soft texture and a metallic after-taste.

Follow not in my footsteps. But do try this super buttermilk pancake recipe; I’ve relied on it for a few years now quite happily.


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