2 Dec

I’ve cancelled my cable TV.

Actually, I made the call to cancel it 30 days ago, and I’ve been in denial about it ever since. This morning, the cable box read “- – -” and I knew the day had come.

The primary driver was money. I’m in school part-time and I’m working part-time, and a three-figure cable bill seemed like* an obscene luxury. I’m also not studying enough, nor am I reading as much as I’d like. Getting rid of TV seemed like a wise plan.

But I’m feeling a bit blue about it, to be honest.

I like TV. I have a roster of shows that I enjoy and I like watching them as they air rather than on DVD. Now I’ll have to see how I feel about treating every show I like as pay-per-view.

The timing is good, though. I’ve got finals in two weeks, so not having a million channels to sink into should help support my study plans. Still, I feel as though I’m going to be missing something. Missing my stories, I guess.


How absurd.






*Indisputably was.


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