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Thank You Pie

3 Dec

I’m registered to run a 10K race tomorrow morning and I have a physiology exam in 12 days. So that I fail neither, one of my friends offered to trek across the city today to pick up my race kit.

So I made overbaked her an apple pie.



I haven’t run in a month. It’s going to be a clown show.



16 Oct

I “ran” my second half-marathon today. I had hoped to chop 45 seconds/km off my previous time, but didn’t get anywhere close to that.

It’s a strange place to be emotionally. I understand that committing the time and effort to train and then slogging through the race even when it hurts, is a big deal, and I’m happy I’ve done it, but I haven’t come to terms with being mediocre at this. I’m just embarrassed and I have no idea how to change my mindset.